The Sing & Shine Choirs are a loving and inspiring community in Espoo, Finland with 100 enthusiastic singers from age 5 up to senior citizens. The choirs provide creative, empowering and freeing vocal and performance training for all ages. 

The Sing & Shine Choirs are directed by Sanna Valvanne, who founded them in 2016, after returning to Finland from New York. Sanna is one of the most international and innovative choral conductors of Finland, known for over 20 years worldwide for her creative choral work and method “Sing and Shine with Body and Soul”.

The Sing & Shine Choirs rehearse in 6 different ensembles in weekly rehearsals. Vocal expression is combined with movement, improvisation, and staging and the choirs sing with freedom and joy.  They join together as one big choir family for performances and projects, presenting beautiful songs in many different languages, styles, and traditions that move both the body and the soul.

Through annual Peace & Love workshops, charity concerts and community projects the choirs engage in building an open and welcoming community for all people in the Helsinki Capital area.


Sanna Valvanne is an innovative conductor and performer from Finland and the Artistic Director of the 2017 Tampere Vocal Music Festival. Sanna is recognized worldwide for her creative choral method, “Sing and Shine with Body and Soul”, and has been a  popular guest conductor with hundreds of choirs around the world since 1994.  A former singer, conductor’s assistant, and vocal trainer of the world famous Tapiola Choir, she has a Masters Degree in Music, from the Sibelius Academy. 

From 2005-2016, Sanna lived in the USA and worked especially in New York City with children in underserved communities. Whether with her own choirs in Finland or guest conducting abroad, Sanna continues to expand the boundaries of choral expression, and explore new ways of sharing love and joy through singing.

Contact: info (at)

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